Smells Like Spells Incense


This natural incense is made without the use of charcoal, unnatural glue, fragrance oils or other additional materials (eg wooden sticks).  Made exclusively from natural plants, which are reinforced with a special natural binder made from guar gum.

Freya - Love spell: Champak, sandalwood

Frigga- Home spell: Cedar

Mimir - Relaxation spell: Red sandalwood, rhododendron, sandalwood

Norns - For Women Success spell: Champak

Odin - Focus spell: Agarwood, champak, juniper berries, wild herbs

Iduun - Beauty spell: Agarwood, liquorice, frankincense, wild herbs

As the incense has no wooden stick, we recommend to fill a small jar with a non-combustible material (such as salt or sand) that you can rest the incense stick in and when it burns, you can easily clean your incense holder.

Package contains 5 sticks. Each stick burns approx. 30 – 40 minutes. The burning duration might differ depending on temperature, humidity and changes in the atmosphere. For a medium room, we recommend that you burn one-third part of one stick.