Pump Street Bakery Rye Crumb Chocolate Bar


Pump Street Bakery Rye Crumb Chocolate Bar 

The second release in the bakery series of chocolate bars featuring Pump Street Bakery's baked goods. The crumb of their 100% rye loaf is added to this our Ecuador 60% Dark Milk.

The mellow creaminess of the milk chocolate shows off the nuttiness and acidity of the rye grain. Award winning - Academy of Chocolate 2021 – Milk Bean to Bar Flavoured - Gold - Academy of Chocolate 2015 - Gold - Best Flavoured Milk Chocolate Bar & Great Taste Awards 2015 - 2 Gold Stars

Ingredients - cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, cane sugar, milk powder, breadcrumbs (wheat & Rye flour, natural sourdough starter, sea salt), sea salt.

Note: Pump Street Bakery also handle gluten, dairy & nuts on their premises.