LO Studio Candle To The Sea


Lo Studio Candle - To The Sea

To The Sea: Rock Salt, Bergamot, Musk Mallow & Samphire. A wonderful air of coastal calm

These beautifuly packaged but environmentally conscious hand poured candles are made in the UK with a burn time of approx 60 hour.

The glass holder can be re-used as a drinking glass or a tealight holder and the metal lids are great for keeping the dust away from the surface of any candle to improve it's burn quality

Lo Studio candles use 100% natural non GM vegetable wax which is fully sustainable, fully traceable and replenishable.
They only use essential oils, absolutes, resinoids and balsams and wicks are made from a mix of cotton and paper.
Produced in small batches for freshness.

VEGAN (no animal fats or beeswax used)