Heart Fern (Hemionitis Arifolia)



  • Heart Ferns like to be kept in a bright location with the absence of direct sunlight or temperatures below 15°C (59°F). Those kept in harsh sunlight or too deep shade will show signs of eventual decline. 
  • Provide moist conditions, allowing the soil's top third to dry in between waters. Periods of droughts will result in the browning or yellowing of foliage that'll take months to rectify, and could even spell the end of juvenile specimens. 
  • Fertilise using a 'Houseplant' labelled feed every four waters in the spring and summer, reducing this to every six in the colder months.
  • Repot every three years with a 'Houseplant' labelled compost in the next sized pot; this is the perfect time to perform basal offset cuttings as seen in the 'Propagation' section.
  • Care Difficulty - Easy to Moderate